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Double roller: available with different mechanics, design, cassette and carrier profile; with a single command, manual or electric, it allows to vary the darkening effect of the curtains itself, making it more or less shading.

Doppio Rullo Cassonetto Tessuto 034

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Panel curtain: rails with intelligent solutions combined with the same range of fabrics for rollers blinds.

Scorri tenda Armonico a parete tessuto Norfolk 4

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Venetian blinds: perhaps the most traditional of all technique curtains, they show the aluminum elegance

Tenda veneziana per abbaino

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Plisses: simple curtains to be mounted directly on the frame, practical, washable available in many different fabrics. It is the best curtains for strangest windows sizes and shapes.

Tenda Plisses ESG2 tessuto 103

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Vertical curtains: suitable for office but also for decoration in private house; it’s perfect to cover the larger surfaces also in horizontal position, angled or rounded.

Tenda Verticale bande cm 25 tessuto 060

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Roller blind: available in the mechanics design, basis, cassette and carrier profile, they are operated by manual controls, connecting to the domestic power supply or with batteries inside the tube. The fabric range offers a wide choice ranging from light and filtering to black out, from plain colors to the most refined designs.

Rullo Medium Plus Base Design tessuto 347

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